Mission Statement
BillboardPlus [formerly known as Billboard Information Network (BIN)] is an online information storage and retrieval system containing all of Billboard's charts as well as dance club DJ playlists as reported to Billboard.

All radio airplay-only charts are posted to BillboardPlus on Monday of each week. Sales-only charts are posted on Wednesday, as are combined sales/airplay charts (like the Billboard Hot 100). The Dance Club Songs chart is posted to BillboardPlus every Friday afternoon.

Posting schedules of the charts occasionally vary through the year when holidays and other unforseen circumstances arise.

Billboard's charts are released to BillboardPlus before they arrive on any of Billboard's other Web sites.
Billboard has served the information needs of the entertainment business since 1894. Today, that means a core focus on the music business, providing charts, data, analysis, profiles, news and trend reporting for aspiring artists, tops executives, tour promoters, publishers, radio programmers, lawyers, retailers and others.

BillboardPlus was established in the 1980's as a means of distributing timely chart-based information to the industry in a swift manner. It continues today as a resource for record labels, promoters, music publishers and others associated with the music business.